Set Pieces

Sulaco hypersleep chamber

One of six chambers built for the production. To give the illusion of twelve chambers a wall sized mirror was used on the set*. VCR parts have been used on the front panel along with other dressing for a technical look.
This item is not part of the Harry Harris collection.

* Source: Aliens Laserdisc collectors section.

Sulaco floor tile

The floor of many areas of the Sulaco set incorporated these tiles. Made of painted plastic they measure 42x42cm. Two other scales of floor tile were also produced: 1:4 scale (measuring 10.5cm x 10.5cm), used in sets made for model shots of the queen/powerloader battle; and 1:12 scale for the miniature dropship bay set.

Facehugger stasis tubes

These items are not part of the Harry Harris collection.

Scotchlite stickers

Various symbols were screen-printed onto Scotchlite and used around the Hadley's Hope set.

(Leftover stickers were later incorporated into the set of Alien War London.)

Photographic backdrop

Seen outside infirmary window on Gateway Station. Designed by Robert Skotak, painted by Pete Melrose.
This item is not part of the Harry Harris collection.

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