Note box section mounting point (centre foreground) presumably used as model support during motion control photography
at Brian Johnson's Arkadon studios. The detail piece covering this section when facing the camera is not present.

Notice the interior detailing, just visible through cockpit windows.

Photographs © Lee Brimmicombe-Wood

These unused shots of the Narcissus are consistent with notes from the final draft script which reads:

Silent and endless. The stars shine like the love of God... cold and remote. Against them drifts a tiny chip of technology.
It is the NARCISSUS, lifeboat of the ill-fated star freighter Nostromo. Without interior or running lights it seems devoid of life. The PING of a RANGING RADAR groes louder, closer. A shadow engulfs the Narcissus. Searchlights flash on, playing over the tiny ship, as a MASSIVE DARK HULL decends over it.

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