Collectors' Lot

Harry has recently been interviewed for UK TV show Collectors' Lot. The programme was broadcast on Friday 20th September 2000.

GEOmetric figures

Most of you will be aware that GEOmetric Design have released their 1:8 scale vinyl Ripley figure from Aliens. What you may not know is that further kits of colonial marines are planned - but the final decision on whether to go ahead with these depends upon good sales of the Ripley kit. We would like to encourage visitors to the HHACA to buy this kit, and tell your friends!

It has come to our notice however that copies exist of GEOmetric's products. Please bear in mind that no profit from the sale of these figures goes to GEOmetric Design, therefore reducing the chances of the company being able to finance the release of their Colonial Marine figures. Please buy original GEOmetric figures only.

USCM Rifleman Kit

EVA models have finally released this 1:6 scale kit, designed to fit 12" action figures such as GI Joe. The boxed resin kit includes: Available separately are 1/6 scale colonial marine BDUs including authentically tailored shirt, trousers, and helmet cover, made to authentic camouflage pattern and colours. For ordering information visit

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