Uniform Insignia

The patches worn by the marines were all screenprinted for the film.
Embroidered copies were made commercially available soon after the film opened.
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USS Sulaco

This patch identifies the unit as the '2nd battalion, 9th regiment'. It is normally worn, in conjunction with the arc shown below, on the left pocket of the tunic. It is also seen by itself on baseball caps such as that worn by Apone aboard the Sulaco.

USCM arc

This fits snugly below the previous 'Sulaco' patch, except when the Sulaco patch is used alone, such as on the baseball caps and on Bishop's sleeve.

USCM 'Screaming Eagle'

The insignia of the United States Colonial Marines. Most uniforms carry this patch on the right shoulder - however, the dropship crew wear the Sulaco/arc assembly (shown above) in this position and do not wear the eagle.


This patch is only seen on Drake's flak jacket and Apone's tunic - in each case, in the left pocket position.

'Victory by Wings'

This patch is worn only by the aircrew, Ferro and Spunkmeyer.

US Flag

Worn on the left shoulder of most uniforms.


Worn above the breast pockets. The names are not embroidered but written in black marker pen, albeit in a slightly futuristic typeface.

View the reproduction patches compared with the originals

The uniform patches of Alien

The patches of Alien³

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