Continuity Polaroids

The Aliens continuity department compiled two folders of photographs corresponding to each scene, along with costume continuity shots etc. The photographs that appear here are from the first folder, which consists of scenes 1-99.

Harry was lucky enough to borrow this folder and the owner gave him permission to scan some images. Although the owner wishes to remain anonymous we would like to extend our gratitude in allowing us to share these rare images with other fans.

It is important to keep such records for the production period as films are not shot in the sequence that appears on screen. The most notable example of this in Aliens is that to increase the realism of the marines' camaraderie the scene where the marines have breakfast on the Sulaco was actually shot at the end of the filming schedule.

Click on a thumbnail to view a polaroid. From there extra buttons are available to allow navigation through the pictures in sequence.

This item is not part of the Harry Harris collection.

Narcissus Medical Inquest Gateway Breakfast Tray
Powerloader Armoury (2 pictures) APC Interior Dropship Cockpit North Lock Acid Hole
Corridor Medlab Hicks Entering the Nest Hicks with Egg Burnt Colonist

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