Pulse Rifle

Left view. Note the (just visible) small rectangular plate on the pump grip.
This attaches to the pump mechanism of the shotgun inside the slotted casing

Top view: giving a good view of
the integral carrying-handle sight-rail.

Bottom view: showing the loading port for the grenade launcher (left of centre) - blanked off in this case.
The port on this prop has not been widened out (as was necessary for those with practical shotguns).

Right view: with shoulder-stock extended.
The working stock, and the spaces visible below the machine-gun barrel, show that this is one of the practical (working) versions and not a dummy. However this particular pulse-rifle appears not to have included the working shotgun, as can be seen by the filled-in holes on the 'grenade launcher'.
Note also the absence of an LED window in the rectangular section forward of the trigger.

Note: this gun, along with several others, was rebuilt for the filming of Alien³. After Aliens wrapped all bar one of the pulse rifles were disassembled back to their original weapons by the armoury company. Rifles like this one were reassembled using the parts made for Aliens. The housing was vacuum-formed from the aluminium housing on the remaining Aliens rifle. The armoury company offered to paint the housings for Alien³ but the decision was made to leave them black. This example has a wooden magazine base and the SPAS-12 shroud was filled with black high-density foam. The Thompson M1A1 is deactivated.

This item is not part of the Harry Harris collection.