Accessories: Drake

Smartgun Headset

Based on a Beyerdynamic headset, this prop features a slightly smaller version of the camera that appears on the marine helmets, with similar lens. The 'knuckle' of the screen arm appears to be taken from a camera flashgun. The viewfinder features a tiny dummy tv screen and also has a small hole in it through which the actor can see, enabling him/her to retain stereoscopic vision.


An Explorer Night Raider knife, similar to those carried by Drake, Vasquez and Hicks.

Smartgun Accessory

A reproduction of the item handed over by Vasquez before the first battle in the atmosphere processor. The accessory is widely believed to be some sort of power unit for the smartgun.
Constructed from the same toy gun as the belt clips worn by the marines, this prop has no handle and features a 1/4" jack plug at each end.

Dog tag

The dog tags were made from engraved acrylic sheet. Note that Drake's initial, like most of the marines, is actually that of the actor. One of the two tags is now missing - once again it appears that a prop has been split up in order to increase profit on the part of a dealer.

Drake's necklace

Although not worn round Drake's neck, this item appears tied around the barrel of his smartgun in some scenes.

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