This website features items from the collection of Harry Harris. Harry has been a collector and archivist of material relating to the Alien movie saga for eleven years, specialising in James Cameron's 1986 sequel Aliens. The website is intended to be used as an on-line archive and reference source only - no items from the collection are for sale. The collection contains more than a thousand items including models, toys and other memorabilia; also many production documents, blueprints and photographs.

The centrepiece of the collection, however, are original props and costumes from Aliens, including those worn by characters such as Hudson, Drake and Bishop. Many sites exist which extrapolate on the theoretical capabilities of a prop for example - however, the aim of this website is to offer detailed information on each item, choosing instead to explain its actual construction and components etc. Sources are noted wherever possible.

Also featured are never-before-seen photographs of some other items from Aliens which Harry has come across in the past.

Articles that are not in the collection are clearly marked as such.

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