Alien warrior suit

One of around twelve original warrior costumes which were constructed by Stan Winston and his team from full body leotards with foam latex pieces on them. The ribcage and rear tubes (not shown) were worn like a waistcoat with a zipper fastening at the front. The costume in these photographs has 'Carl' written on the inside in black marker pen (dancer Carl Toop was the principal alien performer for the production).
This costume piece is not part of the Harry Harris Collection.

Interestingly it has been claimed that one of the differences between an original warrior costume and reproductions (such as those used at Alien War) is that the original costumes were grey and the reproductions black - however, in speaking to Don Shay for Cinefex magazine, Stan Winston claims that the leotards were black. A picture also appears of John Rosengrant and Tom Woodruff Jnr. working in front of two suits, which do seem to be black.
The Titan book Behind the Mask - the Secrets of Hollywood's Monster Makers (Mark Salisbury & Alan Hedgecock) has a photograph of a warrior suit test on page 89, which also appears to be black material. One reason for this discrepancy could be that the original suit material may not have been as colourfast as those today. After a daily covering in slime (water based methecyl) it is not unreasonable to assume that the suits were washed at the end of the day's filming, or even hosed down. Methecyl hardens when dry and is difficult to remove.

Alien head

This head is a reproduction from Alien War. Made from solid foam rubber, it incorporates a boxer's helmet, the ear flaps of which are visible in this photograph.

Alien warrior arm piece

This (original) arm piece measures 38cm and is made from foam latex. The arm pieces were fitted to the warrior costumes with press-studs ('poppers'), the large end being attached to the elbow, the other to the wrist. These arm pieces can be clearly seen on the 1:9 scale Warrior kit by Halcyon Models, UK.

Alien warrior claw

Slip-cast from black latex rubber, airbrushed.
This costume piece is not part of the Harry Harris Collection.

Alien warrior feet

The feet were made from very hard rubber and had a sole moulded in.
They also had small zips on the sides.

Alien tail

This original alien warrior tail measures 5' 4" (1.63m) and is made from foam latex. It incorporates a simple but effective device which enables it to be self supporting when worn by a performer.

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