Armour (Dietrich)

Although this armour was intended to be worn by Cynthia Scott, Aliens armourer Terry English made a small error during its construction so the decision was made that it should be used instead by the stunt department. It was worn by Miss Scott's stunt double Denise Ryan for a harness stunt during the scene where the marines first discover the cocooned colonists in the atmosphere processing station.

This costume is not part of the Harry Harris collection.

After being found in a 20th Century Fox storage unit near London Heathrow Airport in 1993 the costume was disassembled by Bapty & Co. to be used as masters for vacuum forming suits of armour for Alien War London. The armour was subsequently lost when Alien War closed, being rediscovered still in its component parts early in 1999. It was reassembled by effects technician Doug McCarthy, who earlier played the part of a colonial marine at Alien War London. Although some of the original webbing was used in this process it was also necessary to use new webbing. Doug built the join plate over the right shoulder from scratch. Prop mistress Karina Harris, under the supervision of Aliens collector and archivist Harry Harris then painted and distressed this plate to exactly match the rest of the armour.

Front view. Note that the large plate that is usually on the groin guard has been riveted to the bottom of the breast plate, possibly for added safety during the stunt sequence.

Rear view. Note that the shoulder lamp and 'back pack' brackets are missing. It is presumed that these were removed to facilitate vacuum forming for Alien War London.

The inside of the chest and back plates are marked 'Cynthia Scott 3', being the third of 3 sets produced for the character. It was then marked with 'Harness stunt, Denise Ryan' on white tape.

Three quarter front view.

View of right hand side.

Close up view of a small personalisation marking on the left hand side of the chest plate near the epaulette. Drawn in red marker pen, it appears to be a 'no entry' symbol.

This plate, which is situated above the right shoulder, was scratchbuilt by Doug McCarthy and painted & distressed by Karina Harris.

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