In 1980 the Thinking Cap Co. of Los Angeles produced licensed reproductions of the uniform patches seen in Alien. Also available was a limited edition portfolio of all the patches, plus metal collar badges, stickers, and design sheets signed by designer Ron Cobb and costume designer John Mollo. Shown here are all of these insignia along with some background information.


Nostromo patchesNostromo patches

USCSS Nostromo shoulder patch, two versions
Design: ship's name and registration number around a graphic inspired by a 19th century French army uniform button
Where: shoulders of costumes; front of Brett's cap

Trivia: although a 'company memo' accompanying the portfolio specifies that the blue patch is for outer-wear (eg jackets) and the grey patch for inner-wear (eg t-shirts), this is not strictly adhered to in the film, where the light patch predominates.
The grey cloth colour of the light patch has changed to pale blue in more recent issues. The dark patch has been produced in everything from navy blue to black.
Continuity errors cause the patches on both Brett's cap and Kane's t-shirt to switch colours just prior to their death scenes!

US Triangle

US triangle patch
Design: three-cornered version of the Stars and Stripes
Where: buttock of spacesuits; Brett's jacket
Trivia: Ron Cobb's notes label this as the collector's patch for the US tricentennial in 2076.

UK Triangle

UK triangle patch
Design: three-cornered version of the Union Flag
Where: buttock of Kane's spacesuit
Trivia: Ron Cobb's notes mark this as the symbol of the establishment of UK settlements on Mars and Titan.

Large wings

Large wings patch
Design: based on the Egyptian 'sun disc' design
Where: left breast of most jackets and shirts
Trivia: according to the portfolio, this is the logo of Weylan-Yutani [sic].

Small wings patch
Design: a simplified version of the large wings above
Where: left breast of most t-shirts, jumpsuits
Trivia: this symbol is also incorporated into the spacesuits.


Executive officer
Design: horizontal bars
Where: collars of Dallas, Ripley, Kane
Trivia: the badge is also glued to belt buckles, and the design appears in 3D on the shoulders of spacesuits.
Science officer
Design: molecular cluster
Where: Ash's collar
Navigation officer
Design: star-chart
Where: Lambert's collar
Engineering crew
Design: electrode cluster
Where: Parker's collar, Brett's jacket


Design: large and small versions of the company logo
Where:attached to props throughout the film, including food containers, mugs, Ash's workstation, gloves.

The patches of Alien³

The uniform patches of Aliens