LV-426 colony staff badge

As worn by Simpson (Mac Macdonald) and Lydecker (Bill Armstrong) - seen in the Special Edition only.

Data disc

Many copies of this prop were produced, one theory being that they were to be handed out to the marines during the scene in which Lieutenant Gorman comments that "we have Ripley's report on disc - I suggest you study it".

Tobacco tin

According to Terry English, Hudson was to have a tobacco tin painted in the same style as his armour, although it was never shown on screen. This is a reproduction made by Terry.

Pulse rifle grenades

These reproduction grenades, turned from solid aluminium, were given to Harry by SD Studios in the US. Grenades used in Aliens were also made from aluminium and had various coloured caps, presumably to indicate different functions.

Pulse rifle grenade

Made from turned wood and painted silver. It is not known whether these wooden grenades were used during filming. It is possible that they were lightweight copies worn by stunt performers.

Tracer bracelet

The marine locators were made from Seiko Pulsemeter wristwatches, their straps replaced with velcro.
Photograph © Ed Maggiani


This solid resin reproduction locator, allegedly cast from the original prop, measures 12cm long, with a diameter of 29mm.

Sentry gun

Seen only in the Special Edition. Practical remote-controlled unit, built around the same machine-gun as the smart-guns, the German MG-42.
This item is not part of the Harry Harris collection.

Sentry gun remote terminal

Seen only in the Special Edition. One of two terminals. Made from Perspex, they feature a simple non-moving keyboard (the keycaps appear to be stuck directly to a Perspex sheet), and a permanent display graphic.
This item is not part of the Harry Harris collection.


Seen only in the Special Edition. During the early scenes in Hadley's Hope a child rides this tricycle down a corridor.

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