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The Harry Harris Aliens Collection & Archive (HHACA) website was designed during the summer of 1998 and opened on December 1st. At the time of opening it contained over 180 pages; the count currently stands at over 250.

The website is intended to be straightforward to use, but also attractive and informative. The layout follows a standard hierarchical structure. The 'home' page offers options of the major categories within the site. Having selected one of these, information is broken down into successive levels, until arriving at a 'bottom' level for any given prop or photograph. These last pages are intended to be suitable for printing, often containing notes about the photograph as well as a succinct title. Once here, the 'back' button on your browser will take you up one level to the last page you saw, from where you may choose a different item.

Some pages have a row of buttons at the foot. These have been provided to help you navigate around more smoothly. The buttons function as follows:

Welcome Page

Welcome: Pressing this button will always take you to the first page of the site; that is, the page above this one.

Site Map

Site Map: If you get lost, the site map provides an overview of all the sections of the site. Be patient though, as the map is a single large graphic.

Mail Us

Mail Us: An easy way to get in touch with Harry. Located conveniently throughout the site for any comments or questions that you may have. Please make your messages short and concise. Please be patient when waiting for a reply. We suggest that before you ask a question you conduct an internet search. HHACA recommends the following sites:

Weyland-Yutani logo: Purely decorative. This is not a button, and pressing it will have no effect.


Up: Not to be confused with a 'back' button. Pressing this button will always take you up one level; for example, if you are looking at the menu for Hudson's costume, it will take you up to the menu of all costumes.

Alpha Index

Alpha Index: Everything on the site has been entered into an alphabetical index. Here you should be able to locate any item quickly and jump straight there.


Home: This button takes you to the 'home' page; that is, the page offering the choice of major categories.

Occasionally you will enter a section where a group of photographs may follow each other in a sequence. To allow viewing of each in turn, these buttons have been added:

Previous Image

Previous: Skips to the previous image of the group. Again, this is not necessarily the same as your browser's 'back' button.

Next Image

Next: Skips to the next image of the group.

The site was designed to suit a basic 640 x 480 display, although naturally it looks better on larger monitors. The browser used for testing was Netscape Navigator v4.x.

All text, backgrounds, layout/design, HTML code and images are © Harry Harris except where other sources are noted.

By entering the site you accept British copyright law and as such the website is the work, property and therefore © of Harry Harris, and must not be copied, distributed or used on any website without permission

The stamp in the corner of most of the photographs denotes that they are the work, property and therefore © of Harry Harris, and must not be copied, distributed or used on any website without permission. Removing or erasing the symbol, resizing, cropping or renaming the file does not grant permission to use the image

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If you have any additional information about items featured on this website, or anything else relating to the Alien saga, please email us.

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