The camouflage clothing pattern was printed specifically for Aliens and has a small print repeat of 38cm x 31cm.

The costumes were made by C&J costumers in London.

The camo pattern appears to be a 'squeezed' adaptation of an ERDL (Engineering, Research and Development Laboratories) pattern, nicknamed 'frog & leaf' and used by the US Elite Forces in Viet Nam, it being a predecessor of the US 'woodland' pattern.*

Some of the marines wore helmet covers made from the same cloth. The cover worn by Hudson has on the left hand front a grid of 3 rows of 4 squares with 'short 'n' sweet' written above, and 'game over' underneath in black marker. All but the last square (bottom right) is crossed out, possibly signifying Hudson's counting off the months of his final year in the marines and having only 4 weeks left of his 10 year service. The last, un-crossed box appears to have the word 'July' written in it, which would tie in with the 'final year in the corps' theory. The words 'Brain Dead' are written on the right hand front of the cover. Hudson also has an '8 ball' motif on the rear left of the cover. Such a cover was not included when this costume was obtained.

Reproduction costumes, using a surviving roll of the original cloth, were made by Fiction & Fantasy Models in North London in 1995 and were identifiable from originals as being marked 'F&F' in black marker pen.

*Sources: Brassey's Book of Camouflage.
Auspreys Elite Series 'U.S.M.C. since 1945 Book 2 (Lee E. Russel).

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