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06/03/02 Improved sitewide navigability
11/12/00 Tower Records Photographs of the display at Tower Records in 1993
01/12/00 Floor tile Floor tile from the Sulaco set
01/12/00 Miniature tile Miniature versions of above
17/10/00 Narcissus Unused shots of the Narcissus and the matching storyboards
05/10/00 Production artwork Design drawings for the dropship and atmosphere processor
05/10/00 Jorden tractor Photographs of the tractor model outside the studio
05/10/00 Dropship model The 1:12 scale hero dropship during bluescreen filming
05/10/00 Collectors' Lot Harry's appearance on UK TV
04/09/00 Pulse rifle Extensive photographs of original working pulse-rifle
04/09/00 Flamethrower Photograph of a flamethrower
04/09/00 Smart gun Photographs of Vasquez's smart-gun
23/12/99 Aliens Convention 1999 Photos from the convention
28/11/99 Ear defender A photograph of a pair of ear defenders similar to the ones used for the earphones on the helmets
27/11/99 Costumes index New improved thumbnail portraits of characters
21/11/99 Continuity polaroids A collection of polaroid photographs from the set
15/8/99 Site map Site map updated, simplified and accelerated
26/6/99 Convention news Latest update on Aliens Convention '99
26/6/99 Hypersleep chamber Extra photograph added
18/6/99 Hicks shotgun Lightweight shotgun prop
30/5/99 Tower Records
Window Display
29/5/99 APC in
Leicester Square
Publicity photos taken before Aliens opened
8/5/99 Alien tail Improved pictures of the tail
17/4/99 Dietrich A set of Dietrich armour

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